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Photo taken November 2010 with three generation linage,
(from left) Grandpa DJ, Dad James, Mum Cher with daughter Layla and Grandmother Gigi
(from right) dad Jack, with daughter Ciara, Mum Gigi, and grandpa James (second from left)


The drawing depicts "The Aldella Team" arriving in the Eastern Mediterranean on a mission!
Jack, who hails from Northern Ireland, was registered with the Irish Kennel Club is dressed in Irish theme colours, representing our Irish background.
Karamynd Della’s Joy “DJ” was next to join our family, followed by Karamynd Gorgeous Girl “Gigi” then Karamynd Up And Buzzing “James”.
DJ, Gigi and James were bred in UK, are wearing their UK colours, red, white and blue, with Gigi wearing 50 stars, representing our American nationality.
As we have duel nationality, Irish/American, both colours have been incorporated in the drawing.

The West Highland White Terrier is all terrier – a large amount of Scottish spunk, determination, and devotion crammed into a small body. The West Highland White Terrier originated in Scotland, at Poltalloch in Argyllshire, where they had been bred and maintained for more that 100 years prior to their appearance at dog shows. Colonel E.D. Malcolm of Poltalloch is universally recognized as one of the founders of the breed. He kept a pack of light colored working terriers for hunting. As the legend goes, a brownish dog of his, emerging from cover, was mistakenly shot for a fox. From then on he decided to breed only white dogs, whereby they would not be mistaken as vermin. To create an all white terrier, only white puppies in litters were kept and this evolved into a new working strain of tough little hunters, affectionately known today as Westies. Col Malcolm of Poltalloch first introduced the breed as Poltalloch Terriers at a dog show in 1900. The year 1905 stands out in the history of the West Highland White Terrier, with Col Malcolm as chairman, the White West Highland Terrier Club was formed. Then in 1906 The Kennel Club committee decided that the breed was to be called The West Highland White Terrier. The West Highland White Terrier who first exhibited at Crufts in 1907 – is both a popular pet and successful show dog and has won many top awards on both sides of the Atlantic. A Westie is an all white, compact, sturdy package of frolicsome energy, looking for some fun. Westies are “earth dogs” and do like to dig. Westies are very people oriented and like being with you whenever possible. Where they do not require a huge amount of exercise, they can get bored and look for trouble when they do not get enough attention and human companionship. The Westie’s coat is double for protection from the elements. The outer coat is hard with softer undercoat for insulation. The adult coat sheds lightly, therefore the Westie will require brushing removing dead hair. The coat is a “dry” rather then oily coat so that it does not absorb dirt and soil readily or have a marked “doggy” odor. A Westie needs very few baths. The more a Westie is bathed, the dirtier the coat gets. Bathing tends to remove the natural oils and dry the coat, so it is more likely it will tangle. The hard outer coat is easily kept clean by brushing white powdered grooming chalk, cornstarch or calcium carbonate into the coat. When the powder is brushed out, the dirt and soil comes with it. A Westie kept as a pet requires grooming every eight to twelve weeks for a tidy appearance. The appearance of a pet Westie can be greatly enhanced by a well-groomed and styled jacket. This is something that every owner can learn to do, even if only to keep the family pet tidy between more thorough grooming by a professional. The Westie’s coat is hand stripped, by plucking (pulling) a few dead hairs in the direction in which they grow. This does not cause distress to the dog if done properly, and can create a great bond between dog and groomer. For the Westie appearing in the show ring, a weekly or bi-weekly schedule is necessary. The Westie’s ears stand up naturally, and tail is short by nature’s design. The height of an adult Westie is approximately 11 inches (28 cm). A Westie is a dog for the entire family. They can rough and tumble and can be peaceful and quite when called upon. The Westie is intelligent and easily trained. Westies are fun loving and spirited, with a vast amount of self esteem. There is no question that The West Highland White Terrier is a versatile and remarkable breed – a large dog in a small package!

Our website was created, whereby the character of the Westies could be portrayed with drawings and photos, depicting their mischievous, fun loving and spirited nature.
There is no greater joy than the love of a much beloved pet, and we hope you enjoy our site, and our beloved Westies that have given us so much joy and pleasure over the years.

Della McCall

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